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4 Self-Destructive Beliefs to Banish From Your Life for Good

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Sis, what you think and believe about yourself, the world, and your life has a powerful impact on your everyday existence. Unfortunately, some beliefs are downright destructive to the process of living a successful, fulfilling life. However, if you can identify those self-sabotaging thoughts, you can then work to banish them from your life for good.

Review this list of unhelpful thoughts to see if any of them are familiar to you. If so, vow now to recognize when you’re thinking in these ways so you can replace the negative, irrational thoughts with more positive, realistic ones.

1. “I’ll never have the life I want.” How can you continue to move forward and work toward accomplishing what you want if you believe this statement? Thinking in these terms, quite simply, relieves you of making any efforts whatsoever toward what you want. Discard this thought now. Replace it with a more positive concept like, “I work each day toward getting the life that I want to have and here’s how I can do it.” Visualize what you want your life to look like and the woman you want to be. What does she look like? What does she do? How does she move and talk. How does she think? How would she handle different situations? Practice being that woman daily. How? Be intentional with your thoughts and actions. Predetermine how you will respond to people or negativity. Use a positive disposition, a change in thoughts and intentional actions to create a life aligned the vision that you have for yourself.

2. “It’s just like people say; I won’t ever amount to anything.” You might have had people in your life say demeaning statements to you or who just didn't realize the potential you have. Releasing these long-standing, self-deprecating beliefs will do you a world of good! Free yourself from remaining loyal to peoples' sentiments about you. Instead, create your own truth through the actions you take each day to live your best life.

3. “I’m not pretty enough.” Many of us struggle with this thought. A good way to dispute this ill-conceived notion is to just look around you every day. Each person has her own unique look. It’s okay if you're not one is!

Take an honest look at yourself and notice your strengths – beautiful eyes, full lips or toned arms. Confidently celebrate those strengths. If you’ve got characteristics that are changeable that you’d like to alter through your lifestyle, commit to changing those things.

4. “My life is like this because that’s just the way it is. I can’t do anything about it.” This fatalistic way of thinking will doom you to living a blah life waiting for something to happen. Why not turn the tables – instead of waiting for life to do something for you, be intentional and create your own life step by step, day by day. Identify the power you have to create the life that you want...then use it to construct the life you seek. Do this by combining your vision with faith and action.

Girl, it's time. Throw out these old, destructive beliefs and replace them with new, positive, more realistic ways of thinking. You can be successful in life, starting right now!

-Practice being the woman you visualize.

-Free yourself from remaining loyal to peoples' negative sentiments about you.

-Celebrate your strengths.

-Combine your vision with faith and action.


XOXO Monica

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